This Agent Identification (AI) activity consists in identifying agents that will compose the lowest level of the system hierarchy and their responsibilities. These responsibilities are modeled using the notion of individual goals and will be the basis to determine agent architectures in the next activity. The Solution Ontology Description Document is the main input of this activity, AI is mainly guided by the identification of ontology concepts that represents system individuals (concepts linked to ontology actions). These latter are effectively considered as useful guidelines to identify agent responsibilities since an individual acts according to personal motivations and goals.

We propose to use TROPOS goal and actor diagram to describe the results of this activity. However, system and agent overview diagrams as proposed in PROMETHEUS [1] may also be used.


[1] Prometheus: a Methodology for Developing Intelligent Agents
L. Padgham, M. Winikoff.
In International Conference on Agent-Oriented Software Engineering (AOSE). July, 2002.
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