This activity aims at detailing how the previously developed application will be concretely deployed; this includes studying distribution aspects, holons physical location(s) and their relationships with external devices (sensors, actuators used/accessed by agents) and resources. This activity also details how to perform the integration of parts of the application that have been designed and developed with traditional approaches (i.e. object-oriented ones) with parts designed by using an agent-oriented approach.

The first task of this activity consists in establishing a partition between the various holons used to develop the application. This partition is mainly performed according to resources localization and the organization in which they are used. Then at least one Janus kernel is deployed on each available elaborating unit. At this stage, the set of corresponding holons and their associated organizations are deployed on the various kernels according to the previously defined partition. If a dynamic discovery process is used to integrate at runtime new Janus kernels, the way to deploy organizations and their associated roles on newly discovered kernels has also to be described.

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