The following are guidelines for using the trademarks and logos of («»). These guidelines apply to all of's registered and unregistered trademarks or service marks (such as any identifying words, names, symbols, devices, slogans, or combination of these). These guidelines may be unilaterally changed by from time to time, upon reasonable notice to you.

Guidelines for Using Logos

Without first receiving the express, written consent of an authorized representative of, which consent may give or withhold in its sole discretion.

You shall not:

  1. use logos in connection with any service or product that competes with a product or service, including without limitation, the advertisement or sale thereof.
  2. display logos larger or more prominently than Your company or business logo, name, service, or product, wherever displayed.
  3. include logos in Your business, company, product, or service name.
  4. include logos in any manner suggesting a business affiliation with
  5. include logos in any manner suggesting approval or endorsement of You or Your ideas, beliefs, products, or services.
  6. display logos on material that is pornographic, unlawful, defamatory, violent in nature, or which has a purpose or objective of encouraging unlawful activities.
  7. use logos for any purpose other than the identification of or its products or services, or providing a link to a web site.
  8. display logos in a manner or location disparaging to or its products or services.

You shall:

  1. display logos on web pages that point to a web site through a text link.
  2. only reproduce the logos as follows: The logos shall always be clearly readable. When the logos appear against a colored background, there must be enough contrast for the logos to be readable. You shall not crowd the logos, tilt, flip, or distort the logos. You shall always align the logos on a horizontal axis.

Guidelines for Using Trademarks

Unless You first receiving the express, written consent of an authorized representative of to depart from these Trademark Guidelines, which consent may give or withhold in its sole discretion.

You shall:

  1. use only approved trademark artwork provided by
  2. not include any trademarks in Your business or company name.
  3. not include any trademarks in the name of Your products, services, technology, domain names.
  4. not display trademarks larger or more prominently than Your logo, or the names of Your company, business, services, or products, wherever displayed ( trademarks should not create the strongest visual impression).
  5. not display trademarks in a location or manner disparaging to
  6. not display trademarks on material that is objectionable, violent in nature, defamatory, or pornographic.
  7. use trademarks as adjectives followed by generic descripters (not as verbs, plurals, or possessives).
    Incorrect:® your open source software.
    Correct: Host your open source software on®.
  8. mark trademarks with the applicable TM (indicating claimed trademarks) or ® symbol (indicating registered trademarks) immediately after the trademark in the first prominent appearance of a trademark in headlines, the first time a trademark appears in body text, and the first time the trademark appears on subsequent pages of a document with more than one page if the topics discussed is different or if the pages can be separated and distributed independently.
  9. do not use trademarks as nouns, unless You are referencing trade names.
    Incorrect: Aspecs.orgTM includes Immersion opportunities
    Correct: Aspecs.orgTM online advertising services include Immersion opportunities
    Proper Trade Name Usage: is an online media and e-commerce leader in community-driven Open Source innovation.
  10. do not abbreviate, improperly capitalize, or alter the spelling of trademarks.
    set apart and distinguish trademarks from other words in the text when used in a non-stylized form, such as in the body text of an advertisement (render trademarks in bold, italics, capital letters, underscore, or quotations).
    Incorrect: A variety of technology companies have download programs on
    Correct: A variety of technology companies have download programs on

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